What a P-Fun meeting!

Danielle Plus
Plus Quilt designed and pieced by Danielle, quilted by Angela Walters

Thanks so much to those who came along tonight. Some familiar faces and and a few new ones too! It’s always nice to meet more quilty peeps. There was a really positive vibe in the room tonight and many laughs along the way, so much P-fun with the P-faffs!

Quilt by our "Queen of Scraps", Liz.
Quilt by our “Queen of Scraps”, Liz.

We had P-fabulous show and tell with loads of inspiring works – I only managed a few (out-of-focus) pictures so if you have any additional photos, do send them through.

Nicole's gorgeous applique and free motion quilting
Nicole’s gorgeous applique and free motion quilting – the photo does not do it justice, sorry Nicole.
Georgie's Modern Minimal inspired number
Georgie’s Modern Minimal inspired number – Georgie even dressed to match the quilt top!
Aly's Yellow Quilt for her friend.
Aly’s Yellow Quilt for her friend.

In addition to our show and tell, we brainstormed ideas for our Guild raffle quilt. Thanks to Crystal and Nicole for volunteering their design services – we are looking forward to seeing your sketches when they become available.

The MembersΒ page has been updated with links to blogs, twitter and instagram – please check your information and let us know if any changes are needed.

Also added to the blog is the new “Useful links” page that was suggested tonight – if you have any sites you’d like to share, send us an email with the link.

Don’t forget that next meeting is at the Civic Library on Thursday 23 May, 7:30pm, see you there!

19 thoughts on “What a P-Fun meeting!

      1. Oh, I realised after that post that I should have added a note on the p-business. We talked about pfaffs and a member started laughing at herself as she had always pronounced the p rather than with the p as a silent letter. She had us all cracking up and laughing with her about it. It set the tone for a very funny evening. Apologies to all for the previous lack of explanation.

    1. Perhaps I should have explained that joke for those who missed the meeting… Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this month Alys – and also realised I misspelled your name on the photo, will fix that up when I next log on, sorry.

  1. I had a great night meeting all you fabulous and talented women. I am a total quilting newbie, but I feel like the group will provide a really supportive and fun environment for my foray into the world of modern quilting! Hoorah!

  2. I wish you had replied to my comments here. It still says “waiting for moderation” after a month. I so wanted to attend this meeting but it looks like no one pays attention to the new ones who are seeking some information about the meetings and are interested in becoming a member…

    1. Hi Nurdan. I am sorry, I replied directly to you by email as I thought that would be the most direct method of contacting you. I have published the comments I have received so if there is a problem with some not showing, it would be good to sort that out. If you are able to email your notification through, I would be grateful so that we can work out any issues. Again, I’m sorry that you’ve had a bad experience. Jules canberramqg at gmail dot com

      1. Hi Jules, I am surprised now because I haven’t received any emails from you. Just now as I am checking the website I see that “waiting for moderation” disappeared. ..

      2. Yes it did. Glad it is working now. Sorry for the hassle and thanks for fixing it! xox

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