Raffle Quilt Progress

It has been so exciting to see the beautiful raffle quilt blocks submitted so far. I hope you have enjoyed the challenge of making an improvisational block, based on the map by Walter Burley Griffin. I don’t know about you, but studying that map sure has given me a greater appreciation of Canberra. It’s amazing to see his vision come to life with all those beautiful curves and lines. We really do live in a beautiful city.ImageFor those unaware of the design brief for the quilt, each block has been designed based on a corresponding square on the original Canberra map. The quilters have then created an improvisational style block, pieced together from fabrics in the colour range. There has been no boundaries placed on how intricate or simple the piecing must be, as it is their block, they can decide. Fun, right?ImageIt’s so interesting to see how the map has been interpreted and there certainly is a lot of talent in the Canberra Modern Quilt Guild. I can’t wait to see the final pieces of the map come in at the end of the month.ImageIf you are unable to attend the August meeting (Thursday the 22nd of August), please send your block/s in with a friend or you can send them to my address (email me for details). If you feel you are unable to complete the block, please hand the block back to a member for redistribution. We understand that sometimes time is difficult to find! Any questions on the raffle quilt can be emailed to me, otherwise I am looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting!


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