First Meeting :: Venue and other information

Thank you everyone for bearing with us while we tried to finalise a suitable venue for our very first meeting. We are now able to let you know that the meeting will be next Tuesday 13th oops, 12th February at 7.30 pm, at the Canberra Labor Club, Teesdale Close, Stirling. Drinks and food will be available for purchase.

We want this to be a very relaxed meeting.  Please bring along something to show the group (finished or in-progress, everything goes!), and by all means bring something to work on while we chat. For our first meeting we would like to do some planning of what everyone would like to get out of the group, the types of topics you want to discuss, projects we could work on, any ideas at all really! We have a few ideas to share with you but would really love to hear about anything you think would be good to do in the group.

We also want to discuss meeting arrangements. We know it’s always going to be difficult to find a day of the week that suits everyone, but we’d like to try our best. We’re likely to not continue meeting on the second Tuesday of the month as it’s close to the meeting of the Canberra Quilters modern quilt group, and some of you may wish to attend both and not find it easy to have two commitments so close together. At this stage, the third week of the month will be when the meetings occur, however we will need to discuss which day is best for the majority.

We thought it would be a great idea to run a little fabric swap too – if you want to participate just bring along a sandwich-sized ziplock bag of quilting fabric scraps, these don’t necessarily have to be cut into 2.5″ squares (a la scrap vomit), but should be sized to be useful!

Finally a few people have asked about kids attending. As the meeting is in the evening and at a licensed venue, it’s probably not appropriate that kids come along this time (other than bubs of course). We are looking to organise daytime events (such as a sit-and-sew day) and will accommodate kids for these where possible and/or appropriate. Any suggestions on suitable venues for a daytime event would be most welcome!

We look forward to seeing you all next Tuesday!

16 thoughts on “First Meeting :: Venue and other information

  1. I might be able to attend daytime events in future. Night events would be quite tricky for me at this time, but I look forward to meeting up with everyone at some point! I’m so happy to hear that this group is starting!

  2. Hi, i’d love to come! Did you mean to type Tuesday the 12th perhaps? Clair On Feb 8, 2013 8:54 PM, “Canberra Modern Quilt Guild” wrote:

    > ** > Canberra Modern Quilt Guild posted: “Thank you everyone for bearing > with us while we tried to finalise a suitable venue for our very first > meeting. We are now able to let you know that the meeting will be next > Tuesday 13th February at 7.30 pm, at the Canberra Labor Club, Teesdale > Close, Stir”

  3. I was going to come tonight, but this week is way too hectic (I was out at a meeting last night, and have Act Textile Arts Association meeting tomorrow night, and the other (original?!) modern quilt meeting Thursday, and a Twitter thing on Friday), and I decided that I needed one evening at home to catch up/do stuff/actually have a meal with my husband (who is working 7am to 7pm all week), and walk the dog (so he does not think he is no longer loved and been replaced by the puppy we just got on Saturday)

    BTW, I am part of the Modern quilt group that started a year ago, and meets at Canberra Quilters rooms – and the person who started that group did so because she saw the need/demand for groups like the Modern Quilt Guild, and intended that the group she was starting would be that group in Canberra, because there wasn’t one and she knew there were people out there who would be interested, and it was intended to be an inclusive group where everyone is welcome … But I guess the person starting this group didn’t know that? … (maybe because none of us thought to put it online? lol)
    One thing I was planning to bring up at the meeting (if nobodynelse beat me to it) was to suggest that rather than there being 2 different groups fighting for members/meeting nights/etc – maybe both groups could be part of the same thing – and the monthly meeting at the CQ rooms be just one of several things we do? (Non CQ members are quite welcome at those meetings) … Although I am still happy to be involved with/part of both groups if they stay/become separate things …
    Typing this with a puppy asleep at my feet 🙂

    1. Hi Andrea
      Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry we missed you last month, hopefully this month things will be a little less hectic for you!
      Our intention when starting the Canberra chapter of The Modern Quilt Guild was to be part of the international organisation and part of that online community of quilters. We did not intend to upset anyone at Canberra Quilters and certainly did not feel excluded from them, this really stems from a desire to be part of the larger international organisation. More information about The Modern Quilt Guild can be found at
      Let me know if you have any questions, Jules.

  4. hope the first meeting went well – I’m really interested in sit and sew days especially if they’re on a weekend as I live 3 hours away – but I’m still keen to get involved 🙂

  5. so sorry I couldn’t make it last night 😦
    I have a back injury at the mo, was still toying with the idea of coming early yesterday evening but reluctantly decided not to. How was it? I’d love to see pics or hear what was discussed!
    Hope it was fun for all.

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