Who’s inspiring Gemma right now?

Gemma used to read a lot of blogs but these days she struggles to find the time.  She does spend a lot of time on Instagram – it’s a great place to seek inspiration from other arty types. So here are five people (with their instagram names) who are inspiring Gemma right now!

Tall Grass Pairie Studio  @jacquietps

Firstly, I love a good name and she has a great one!  It makes me think of beautiful American fields, vast spaces and the wind.  Jacqui has a fantastic eye for colour and I love that she shares insights into her process on her blog.  I love the photos of her studio on her blog, but it’s her modern quilts that get me every time.  She is bold and brave and fabulous and I might just want to be her 😉

Kathleen Quilts  @kathleenriggins

I love Kathleen’s IG feed.  Serious quilt talent and inspiration!  Her quilting in negative space is just wonderful and I particularly loved her recent supernova quilt.  If you’re into quilting and you’re on IG then you need to follow Kathleen!  Check out this blogpost with lots of serious quilt candy.

Quilts of a Feather @quiltsnkids

I cannot do justice to Renee’s recent “The Pandorica Opens” quilt (above).  Full disclosure, I’m a serious Dr Who fan and have been since childhood.  But even if you’re not and even if you cannot appreciate just how freaking cool an exploading tardis quilt is, you can still appreciate the skill in this recent piece!  Go look now.  Now.  Just go do it and then follow her everywhere and have your mind blown.  Freaky, freaky, freaky fantastic Dr Who/Van Gogh quilting!  I think you get it.  She is truly inspirational!

The Quilt Engineer  @thequiltengineer

If I ever meet Latifah I’m going to struggle to string a sentence together.  When everyone else had been doing “low volume” forever and we’d all been amazed at how cool it was and we could even buy “low volume” bundles so there was no personal choice left, Latifah took it to another level.  AND she told us that it took her three years to finish that quilt!  I love a quilter who shares all, I love an honest quilter.  Latifah is a bit of a legend in my book, but I just find her crisp lines, bold colours and down-to-earth nature inspiring.  Oh, and she said I should buy a vintage Singer, so I did.

Elisabeth Woo @elisabew

This girl is a classic over sharer.  And I LOVE her for it!  Her life looks like so much fun!  Her cute haircut, her puppy, her hilarious expressions, oh and she works for Robert Kaufman, spends half her life at Disneyland and has an impeccable eye for colour.  Seriously though, I really do find Elisabeth’s work inspiration.  I love how she throws colour after colour at IG (be it macroons, minifigs, farmerswife blocks or her recent finish, night sky quilt.  She is also an awesome FMQer and a great source of inspiration.

So there you go, that’s who is inspiring me at the moment.  It was hard to single it down to five as I currently follow 685 people on Instagram and many of them inspire me.  Oh, I totally forgot, you have to check out @houseofalphonse on Instagram.  Her papercut artwork blows my mind!

Gemma @prettybobbins.

Wrapping up the February meeting

Wrapping up the February meeting

Show and tell is one of our favourite parts of our Canberra Modern Quilt Guild meetings – and February’s meeting was another shining example.

There were dozens of quilts on show, and this montage features four of them.

The first quilt was made by Jen, one of our new members. Jen says she loves colour and this quilt just pops with colour!!

The second quilt is by Clair, using a range of the fabric she designed. Her blog is http://beeandlotus.blogspot.com.au/

Next is a quilt by our guest speaker Judy. She was in New York a couple of years ago and was inspired by an exhibition of red and white quilts she saw.

And next is Julie’s quilt, part of our Riley Blake fabric challenge. Julie added blues and greens hoping for an antidote to the heatwave that most of Australia just experienced.

Judy’s dyed fabric

Judy's dyed fabric

Our guest speaker on Thursday night, Judy, brought along boxes and boxes of her dyed fabric, equipment, books and other fabric for destashing. She was so generous. The guild now has a fledgling library and also dyeing powders and equipment. Here’s a sample of her fabric, all cut into strips and ready for use. Thank you Judy!!

Judy also mentioned fibre artist Melody Johnson on the night. Here’s a link to her website. Super stunning quilts! http://www.wowmelody.com/

Fabric challenge

Fabric challenge

Quite a few emails so far – to sign-up for the Modern Quilt Guild’s fabric challenge from the Canberra group. Here’s a photo of the fabric you’ll be receiving (yes, free fabric) – so get your skates on and let us know if you’d like to join in!! Email canberramqg@gmail.com

Get ready…it’s time for another fabric challenge!

Get ready...it's time for another fabric challenge!

Are you ready?
It’s time for another fabric challenge!
The Modern Quilt Guild has today announced that Michael Miller Fabrics is the next sponsor of the 4th annual MQG members fabric challenge.

The fabric we will be using is a brand new collection called Petal Pinwheels. A fun graphic collection that will cut up so well.

Note that our next meeting is 27 February and the cut-off to sign up to this challenge is 28 February. It’s open to members of the Modern Quilt Guild world wide, so if you’re a member let us know as soon as possible if you’d like to sign up to the challenge – canberramqg@gmail.com. This could also be your opportunity to join the guild…

• The challenge runs from March 2014-June 23, 2014.
• Winners announced July 8, 2014.
• Members may make anything they want as long as it is quilted!
• Add in any solid or Michael Miller printed fabric.
• You do not need to use all the fabrics given to you.
• Upload and share your photos to the Fabric Challenge Forum on the Community site here.
• MQGs can create guild specific challenges, as long as the other guidelines are upheld.
• Don’t forget to use the #mqgfabricchallenge on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
• Fabric sign ups end Feb 28th, 2014.
• If you belong to a guild you DO NOT need to fill out the form your guild leaders will do that for you.

A note from Michael Miller:
This year we will pick 3 winners. Each one will receive a posting on our blog and “A year of Free Fabric”. Every month for a year we will send you a “Goody Box” filled with fabric from our newest collections.
Okay read that one again. A whole year of fabric! How fantastic is that!
We cannot wait to see what you make!
Check out the last Michael Miller fabric challenge winners here.

Riley Blake challenge

Riley Blake challenge

One of the joys of being in the Canberra Modern Quilt Group is the international fabric give aways! The first one we’ve been involved in – which closes today – was the Riley Blake challenge. Along with thousands of other quilters world wide, we received packs of fabric to make something quilted. This is Sylvia’s quilt. We’ll be bringing our challenge quilts along to the next meeting – 27 February 7.30 at the civic library.