Name tag swap

Name tag swap

We’re planning a name tag swap. Carolyn will talk about it on Thursday. Have a look at the link for some inspiring ideas.

6 thoughts on “Name tag swap

      1. No, not yet. I have tried many times but wasn’t able to download the form.

      2. Oh, I’m so sorry you’ve been having trouble downloading the form. I can send it to you, or you could come along to the next meeting on February 27 and fill a form in then? I can also check to see if it’s too late to be part of the name tag swap – however you do need to be a member. Apologies again, isn’t technology a pain sometimes. Liz

      3. Hi Liz. Thank you, I received the form. Now the problem is, I can’t sign it electronically 🙂 I have been meaning to join the guild since it was formed. Each time I planned to attend a meeting, something else came up and I got side tracked. Hopefully I will make the next meeting and fill in the form then. Do I need to bring a sample quilt/anything related to quilting/crafting to the meeting? Many thanks. Nurdan

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